Welcome to Western Springs Speedway 2020/21!

We are all very excited for the new era of Speedway at Western Springs to race off with the new speedway promoters! The season commences on October 10th 2020 and drives on right through to March 20th 2021 when the Grand Final Night takes place.

This season we will see Midget Grand Slam Series, Super Saloons, Superstocks Challenge, NZ Midget Champs and the Barry Butterworth Memorial and Modifieds Dash for Cash on the Grand Final Night!

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See below for the 2020/21 racing schedule or download it now.

Western Springs Speedway Race Dates 2020/2021

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Speedway 2020/21 Racing Schedule



10th: Green Sheeting 10am - 2pm

17th: Practice One (All Classes) 2pm - 6pm

31st: Practice Two (All Classes) 2pm - 6pm


7th: Grand Opening + Fireworks (RAINED OFF)
F2 - Midgets - Kiwi Kidz - Midgets - Sprintcars - TQs

8th: Rainout (RAINED OFF)

14th: Grand Opening + Fireworks
NZ Services Dedication Meeting - Auckland Midget Champs

28th: NZ Sprintcar Grand Prix
BT Memorial Midget Car Series - round 1

29th: Rainout


26th: Midget Grand Slam Series - Round 1
Midget 30 Lap Feature - FMX Featuring Levi Sherwood

27th: Rainout

28th: Midget Grand Slam Series - Round 2
Midget 39 Lap Feature (BC Format) - Super Saloons - Heritage Shield - All Classes - The BT 30 Lap TQ Feature

29th: Rainout



2nd: North V South Midgets
North V South Sprintcars - Saloon Speedweek - Reverse Grid Features (all classes) - Midget 40 Lap Feature

3rd: Rainout

4th: Midget Grand Slam Series - Round 3
 Midget 50 Lap Feature

5th: Rainout

30th: Auckland Sprintcar Champs
Superstocks Challenge

31st: Rainout


13th: Auckland F2 Midgets Champs
Auckland TQ Champs - South Pacific Sidecars Champs

27th: NZ Midget Champs


1st: Rainout

20th: NZ Midget Champs - Finals

27th: Season Finale + Barry Butterworth Memorial

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Season Passes

Save some cash by picking up your own numbered plastic swipe card!

  • Adults: $275
  • Student/OAP: $225
  • Children (5-14 years): $55
  • Crew pass (available pre-season only, limit 4 per driver): $240

Season passes are also available in our corporate lounge (corporate season passes and tables include VIP parking)

  • VIP Corporate Season Pass: $1,450
  • VIP Corporate Season Table (Seats 10): $13,500
  • VIP Season Parking: $250

At Western Springs Stadium we go out of our way to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In return, we ask you to respect our facilities and help contribute to an enjoyable event for all our patrons. To achieve this, we require all visitors to the stadium to meet the following conditions of entry. Please note, conditions are subject to change without notice.


  • For safety reasons, footwear is to be worn at all times. 
  • We do not permit gang patches or gang paraphernalia to be displayed.


Stadium management and its representatives reserve the right to request patrons to present any clothing, bags and other carried items for searching, including being subject to a pat down and/or a scanner search before entering the stadium. 
If you refuse to present any of the requested items for searching, you will be denied entry. 
Entry will be refused if a patron is intoxicated or under the influence of illicit substances.


You and/or your possessions will be subject to a safety and security search / wanding upon entry. Below is a list of prohibited items. Confiscated items will not be returned, replaced or reimbursed. Stadium management and the promoter take no responsibility for confiscated items.


  • Video cameras and recording device (this does not include mobile phones)
  • Drones
  • Cans or glass of any kind
  • Strictly NO alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Branded or commercial food and drinks, including takeaways
  • Metal utensils and containers, cutlery, etc.
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fireworks, flares, lasers or flash lights
  • Knives, Tasers, Mace, Chains, Spurs or Studded Jewellery
  • Offensive weapons including, but not limited to, any object that may be used as a projectile such as glow sticks, balls, containers, etc.
  • Air horns and loud hailers
  • Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs and police or emergency service dogs)
  • Any other items deemed by stadium management or the promoter to be illegal, dangerous or a nuisance to yourself or others

Please note that prohibited items will be confiscated and will not be returned. If in doubt, leave it at home. Stadium management and the promoter take no responsibility for confiscated items.


  • Small personal cameras and camera phones are allowed. Professional cameras, or any camera with a lens larger than a standard watch face will not be permitted.
  • Empty plastic bottle  (up to 750ml) to use at the free water stations,
  • Sealed bottle of water (up to 750ml).
  • Signs no larger than (A3) 400mm x 300mm with sticks and poles detached before entering the stadium.
  • Small quantities of home prepared food.
  • Foldable chairs and stools.


  • Western Springs Stadium complies with the Liquor Licensing Authority and prohibits the serving of alcohol to intoxicated or under-aged persons.
  • There will be zero tolerance for intoxication.
  • Those who arrive at the gates intoxicated will be refused entry into the event, and patrons who become intoxicated will be escorted from the venue.
  • Intoxicated or under-aged persons who are apprehended with alcohol will be escorted from the premises.
  • Persons supplying alcohol to underage patrons will be evicted from the premises.
  • Western Springs Stadium maintains a strict 'no drugs' policy.
  • Illicit drugs are prohibited and will be confiscated at the gate.
  • Any persons apprehended with drugs in their possession will be escorted from the premises.
  • Incidents involving alcohol or drugs will be referred to the NZ Police where the situation requires it.


In extreme cases, a patron who exhibits unacceptable or disruptive behaviour will be asked to leave the stadium. Dangerous activities such as aggressive moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing and climbing are not permitted and may result in the removal of patrons from the event. Failure to comply with a direction from Western Springs Stadium staff, security staff or the NZ Police to leave the event venue after having being warned to leave may render the ticket holder liable to arrest and prosecution for the offence of trespass under section 4 of the Trespass Act 1980 which is punishable on conviction by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 months.