Auckland Stadiums is a great place to work!

You can be part of a vibrant team, dedicated to the development of Auckland’s regional stadiums.

We have a small team that covers a wide variety of roles including marketing and communications, business services and strategy and business improvement. Some roles at Auckland Stadiums include Event Coordinator, Event Manager, Facilities Manager and Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

Our team’s experience and qualifications vary from business-focused Bachelor degrees, to venue management diplomas, to Bachelor of Arts degrees and with many staff having a wealth of years of experience under their belt.

Our current vacancies are listed on the Auckland Council Careers website.

Get an insight on what it is like to work for Auckland Stadiums!

A career highlight

"One of the highlights of my career working at Auckland Stadiums is planning for and leading three sold out Ed Sheeran shows back-to-back at Mt Smart Stadium. By the end of it I was just running on adrenaline!"

- Megan Dixon, Event Manager

Facilities team member insight

"I’ve worked at Auckland Stadiums for 7 years as part of the Facilities team. I know Auckland Stadiums’ three venues; Mt Smart, North Harbour and Western Springs’ Stadiums like the back of my hand. I even had a hand in the nicknaming of different spots around the venues. If you’re lucky enough to get to work here, I’ll let you know where ‘The Tan’ is located at Western Springs Stadium and  where the ‘White House’ used to be located at Mt Smart Stadium.

One part of my job that I especially enjoy is working at our large events. At every large event, there is at least one Facilities team member onsite to ensure that the venue runs as smooth as possible. Working at live events to ensure events run seamlessly for 30,000+ crowds definitely gets the adrenaline pumping."

- John Allen, Facility Coordinator