Run Auckland is a series of 6 running events hosted at purpose picked locations to offer all types of runners a challenge. Starting with five 10km/5km/Kids Dash events staggered across Auckland, the Run Auckland Event Series finishes with the 6th final event with a Half Marathon/10km/5km/Kids Dash at Metro Park, Millwater.

Discounted series passes are available for participants who wish to complete all the events, or alternatively singular event passes are also available.


Registration for the Run Auckland Series and Half Marathon 2024 is officially open!

The 2024 Run Auckland Series and Half is underway, but you are still welcome to join and take up a great offer to join the series or just one or two races.

Here are the details:

Bird Adult Series Pass Races 2 – 6: $150 (equivalent to just $30 per race).
Under 16 Series Pass Races 2 – 6 (based on the date of their first race): Only $80 (equivalent to just $17 per race)




Once you have Entered then pick your date and time before the series starts to pick up your race pack. Dates will be arranged at a number of located leading up to the first event for everyone to pick these up.

You can also collect your Race Number and Timing Responder on the morning of their specific race up until 15 minutes before the start of the race.

No, Full Series Entrants keep the same Race Number and Timing Responder for the Entire Series so just need to turn up in time for the Race Safety Briefing.

If you are a Full Series Entrant YES, you keep the same Timing Responder for the entire Series.
If you are a Single Race Entrant NO, you will be issues with a disposable Timing Responder that can then be disposed of.

Sorry but NO Auckland Run are unable to change any T-Shirt sizes, as these are a special order which needs to be placed months in advance.

Provisional Results (subject to change after checking) will be published ASAP after the race, usually mid afternoon Sunday. Updated Results will be published a week later.

If your Time is not in the Provisional Results please email within 3 working days of the race, stating your Name, Race Number, Distance, Approximate Finish Time on the Race Clock at the Finish and any other details you can remember like people you finished near etc.

YES, alot of participants start out by doing some 5km races and near the end of the Series build up to the 10km distance. The distance at each race is entirely up to you and you are more than welcome to change distances even after you enter (see below for details).

YES, Distances can also be changed on Race Day up until 20 minutes before that Race Start, just let the team at the Registration Tent know, please note, this change will affect your Series Points and there is no guarantee your time will appear in the Provisional Results.

Single Race entries are Non Transferrable for Series Entrants. As we have a points system it is unfair on other participants competing for the Series Age Group awards and we also need to know exactly who is on course in case of medical emergency.

Sorry Entry Fees are Non Refundable as we offer such great prices and incentives.

  • Age Group – this is your age from the date of the first event at Western Springs on the 12th May
  • Major Trophies – Overall winners for both Male and Female in: 5km Run, 5km Walk and long courses Run and Walk (10km and Half Marathon)
  • Team Trophy – Teams are those with 2+ members. Overall winning team based upon a team’s average score per event. So, if your team has 4 members. Person 1 got 200 points 2 got 150 points, 3 got 120 and number 4 got 100 points. Total score is 570 point, divide that by 4 and team gets 142.5 points.
  • Age Group Trophies – Kids (4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 & 12-13) 5km (under 19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 & 60+) Long Course (under 19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 & 60+) with all having a male and female winner
  • Age Group Trophies Points – points are given per event based on number that entered the event i.e. 200 people in 5km 1st place gets 200 points last place gets 1. For the long course. For the first 5 events these are 10km, at the final event in Millwater you are able to compete in either 10km or 21km and points are awarded again as per number of participants for each event. So be aware if 200 people in 10km and 250 in half marathon there is a extra 50 points on offer.
  • The RunNZ team will not disclose numbers per event beforehand to anyone Then each event is added up and MUST complete 4 events to be eligible for the trophies
  • What if I did 5km and 10km events and half marathon during the series –  while this will not effect your Series medal, this will affect your points if you are thinking of trying to win one of the trophies. For the points on display you will be scored for the event you competed in more of or if you did 3x 5km and 3x 10km you will be placed in the longer distance event and not scored from the shorter events, unless requested otherwise.

Event Rules & Safety

  • All participants must be present at the Event Safety Briefing for each and every race.
  • First Aid is located at the Race Headquarters.
  • No Spectators or supporters are allowed to follow participants at any stage of the event.
  • ALL New Zealand Road Rules Apply.
  • ALL roads are OPEN to normal traffic. There are absolutely NO Road Closures.
  • You must run on the footpath at all times and within the safety cones.
  • Do not cut any corners.
  • Knowing the course is your responsibility, please double check the course map.
  • You must listen to and obey any instructions given by Race Officials.
  • If you are walking or running in a group please do not walk or run more than two abreast.
  • Please be aware of participants passing you from behind and keep to the left.
  • Please seed yourself accordingly at the start.
  • Please ensure you have adequate and suitable clothing, Footwear must be worn, No bare torsos.
  • Please ensure you are physically fit and healthy enough to complete your chosen distance. If you are unsure please seek advice from a medical professional.
  • If you feel unwell or unfit to compete in the event we strongly advice you to withdraw immediately and seek assistance or professional advice.
  • If another participant is in distress immediately offer assistance and inform a Race Official.
  • You may not compete under another persons identity as we need to know exactly who is on course if Medical attention is required.
  • Single Race Entry Transfers for Full Series Entrants are not permitted.
  • Please report any accidents or incidents to a Race Official as soon as possible.
  • All forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, bicycles, inline skates, prams/buggies, skate boards, scooters are not permitted.
  • No Prams, Buggies or Nordic Poles.
  • No pets are allowed to accompany participants on course.
  • Race Numbers must be worn on the front of your top at all times.
  • Timing Responders must be attached to your shoelaces for the entire duration of the event.
  • Timing Responders must be returned in good working condition after each race (for Single Race Entrants) OR after Race 6 (for Full Series Entrants). If you do not return your Timing Responder or return a damaged Timing Responder you will be charged a $20 Replacement Fee.
  • Timing is a service provided by the event organisers but there is no guarantee that your time will be recorded and published in the results.
  • Due to the risk to the individual, the use of any and all portable audio devices, including but not limited to: ipods, mp3, cellphones and walkman devices is discouraged.
  • The walking categories will not be judged and it would be appreciated if all walkers, walk the entire event if in the walker category. No Jogging or Running.
  • All participants under the age of 18 must have the consent of their parent or guardian.