The North Harbour domain is excited to be the official host for the Sunsetter Food, Wine & Music Festival 2022! 

The Sunsetter festival is an evening jam packed with live music, artisan/craft drinks and high quality food. A celebration of all the things that make the summer, summer! 

Music performers:

  • Stellar
  • Summer Thieves
  • Latinaotearoa
  • So & So Live
  • Krispy and the Pooch 
  • Dick Johnson Ella Monnery Weird Together Drums
  • Tim Phin
  • General Lee
  • Grant Marshall
  • Brydie Tong
  • Murray Sweetpants
  • Lewis McCallum
  • Warren Duncan
  • Izak Chads 

Food on site:

  • Iconic Auckland Eats
  • El Humero
  • Urban Escargot
  • Soho
  • Lulu's Dairy Free Soft Serve
  • Mr Tanaka's Yakitori Hut
  • Napoli Central
  • Hapunan Filipino Cuisine
  • Sweet As Crepes
  • Double Dutch Fries
  • Vege Bangbang
  • Vintage Market Deli

Please visit our conditions of entry page and our covid-19 guidelines and requirements page to see what is required to enter our venues.